Casio GulfMaster GWN 1000 1BER
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Casio GulfMaster GWN 1000 1BER

Casio launches new G-SHOCK Ocean Concept for forecasting weather changes

With Triple Sensor to measure direction, atmospheric pressure/altitude and temperature. The hands indicate atmospheric pressure and compass orientation. ...

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  • Double lighting
  • Shockproof
  • Solar function
  • Radio signal reception (EU, USA, JPN, CHN)
  • Neobrite
  • Digital compass
  • Detection of up to 10,000 m altitude
  • Barometer (260/1,100 hPa)
  • Thermometer ( -10° C/+60° f)
  • Tide indicator
  • World time function
  • Stopwatch 1/100-sec-24 hours
  • Timer-1/1 min. -1 hours
  • 5 daily alarms
  • Automatic adjustment of the hands

Features in detail:

  • Double lighting: once activated the function switch on both the digital and the analog part.
  • Shock: The anti collision construction protects against impact and vibration.
  • According to Sun: the solar cells power the clock independently and eco-friendly. The excess solar energy is stored in a battery.
  • Radio signal reception (EU, USA, JPN, CHN): Europe, North America and Japan or large areas of Canada, Central America and China-once set the local time, the watch automatically receives its radio signal and always indicates the exact time. In many countries also automatically switches between daylight and standard time.
  • Neobrite: the hands and/or figures have a fluorescent coating and glow in the dark after switching off a light source
  • Digital Compass: direction embedded sensor detects the magnetic north.
  • Detection of up to 10,000 m altitude: A pressure sensor detects changes in barometric pressure and converts the given altitude up to 10,000 m.
  • Barometer (260/1,100 hPa): A sensor measures the atmospheric pressure (measurement range: 260/1,100 hPa) and displays as a symbol. It is thus possible to know in advance the weather trend.
  • Thermometer ( -10° C/+60° f): a sensor measures the ambient temperature and the clock display in degrees Celsius ( -10° C/+60° C).
  • Tide indicator: The tide phases are shown as a function of latitude, longitude and tidal range.
  • World time function: the function now shows the world up to 29 time zones.
  • Stopwatch 1/100-sec-24 hours: recognition of time spent. The fraction indicates the unit of measurement while the number indicates the maximum time measurement.
  • Timer-1/1 min. -1 hour: For anyone who loves precision: countdown timers help you remember special events or that are repeated, emitting an acoustic signal at the time set. The time can be set in minutes and with an advance of up to 1 hours.
  • 5 daily alarms: alarm recalls events that are repeated every day by emitting an acoustic signal at the time set. An alarm can be deactivated marks the passing of each hour. This model is equipped with 5 independent alarms to remind you of important appointments in a personalized way.
  • Automatic adjustment of the hands: automatic adjustment of the hands every hour setting of the hands and, if necessary, corrects (both in case of displacement, due for example to shock, that of the influence of magnetism).
  • Enabling/disabling the sound of keys: With a special button you can turn off the sound of the texts. After disabling no longer delivered an acoustic signal to change from one function to another. Set alerts or the countdown timer however remain active even after disabled the sound of keys.
  • Crown protection: Protects the Crown from unintentional switching to another mode.
  • Smart Access technology: Smart Access system can set the clock using a Crown in quick and intuitive way. By pressing and rotating functions as a stopwatch, Countdown, alarm or the world now can be easily adapted.
  • The navigation function of the hands: With the push of a button, the hands move allowing the total visibility of functions such as date or time trial.
  • Calendar: When set, the calendar always displays the exact date.
  • 12/24 hour format: the time can be displayed in 12 or 24 hours.
  • Mineral glass: mineral glass, sturdy and scratch-resistant, protects the watch from unsightly damage.
  • Resin case
  • Black resin: the resin is synthetic, an ideal material for straps thanks to its extreme strength and flexibility.
  • Battery level indicator: The indicator shows the current charge level.
  • Water resistance classification (20 bar): perfect for free diving without scuba gear: the watch is water resistant to 20 bar/200 metres. The m refers not to a diving depth but to the atmospheric pressure which was used in the context of approval of impermeability. (ISO 22810)
  • Type of battery: CTL1616
  • Size: ca. 44, 9 mm x 55 mm, 8 mm x 16, 0 mm (h x w x d)
  • Weight: ca. 101.0 g

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