Mirco Visconti ladies ring Solitari collection | NB23 / 10
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Mirco Visconti ladies ring Solitari collection | NB23 / 10

18 kt white gold ring (750 thousandths) with central brilliant cut diamond

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The quality of a Diamond is evaluated through four fundamental parameters: Carat, Color, Cut and Clarity. Each of these properties is classified and validated by expert gemologists in the Mirco Visconti laboratories to ensure weight, cut, shape, transparency and value to each stone.


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. One carat corresponds to 1/5 of a gram. In his collections Mirco Visconti offers jewels with diamonds of different carats and therefore of different sizes, in order to satisfy any desire.


In diamonds, color is a brightness parameter that actually indicates the absence of color. The degree of transparency is then classified with letters starting from D (perfectly colorless diamond, super white) up to Z (diamond with intense color). For his jewels Mirco Visconti usually chooses whites between grade D and H, the best quality that can be selected today.


Cutting is the art of giving shape, charm and beauty to a diamond. From the typically classic 57-sided round brilliant cut to the most refined teardrop or emerald cuts, Mirco Visconti adopts all the most popular cuts in the world for its diamonds.


In the long process of consolidating its crystalline structure, the diamond can take small foreign bodies inside it. The degree of purity indicates the presence or absence of inclusions visible with a 10 magnification lens. Mirco Visconti usually selects diamonds with a degree of purity ranging from IF to SI.

  • 18 kt white gold ring (750 thousandths) with central brilliant cut diamond
  • 0.12 kt diamond
  • VS color G diamond
  • Gold weight: 3.80 grams
  • Measure: 15
  • Ring shank thickness: 3.28mm
  • Thickness of the central part of the ring: 7.06 mm
  • Complete with original case and guarantee
New with Original Box and Warranty
White 18 Kt - 750‰


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