John Dandy

John Dandy

John Dandy grows attending the best barberie of London and is a unique figure that rare.

John Dandy care every detail through the refined elegance, refinement in every gesture, the unpredictability and transgression in his attitudes.

John Dandy has outstanding features characteristic that allow them to differentiate themselves from the mass society standards affecting also the current fashion.

John Dandy does not like stereotypes, it is sharp and sarcastic. He lives its reality in an ironic and interpreting it according to its individual style.

His style is indefinable, it changes often. John Dandy creates fashions, but can not follow them.
Always look for new stimuli and is bored by the banalities.

John Dandy is everything and its opposite, often acting in an opposite manner to the expectations. Surprised, but naturally. His attitudes are eccentric but never forced.

John Dandy London attended the best Jazz Club, where he loves to get lost among the deep notes and overwhelming soul music and be carried away by the atmosphere of these places intense.

John Dandy is part of a narrow elite of people with the same interests who, like him, stand apart from the crowd and want to make their life a work of art.

John Dandy does not follow a traditional lifestyle. He does not like routine and faces every day as if it were a new story to tell, not giving anything for granted. She loves traveling and adventure and is always looking for something.

Thanks to these qualities, comes to life the new John Dandy Watches collection.