часовой механизм

Gioielleria Padiglioni offre un vasto assortimento di Orologi, ma soprattutto assistenza per riparazioni effettuate nel nostro punto vendita !
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copy of Casio ProTrek PRG 270 1ER
The PRG-270-1ER multi-function watch, offers features such as a barometer, thermometer, altimeter and digital compass, and also scores points with a sunrise/sunset time display and a direction bezel. The integrated solar cells provide the watch with environmentally friendly energy and permit almost unlimited use.
159,20 €
199,00 €
copy of Philip Watch R8273995225
Блейз коллекции часы человек
476,00 €
560,00 €
copy of Philip Watch R8251180004
Только время Sunray модель человек
331,50 €
390,00 €