Harry Williams

Harry Williams Watch

The famous Twenty years ‘60/’70, the atmosphere, the revolutionary, the soul of the classical and conservative in contrast with the youthful rebellion; when the londoners snubbed each other a small boutique born in the Kings Road – Biba – that was crazy the new generation and destined to become one of the historic symbols of the period.
The engine that inspires the new collection of watches, Harry Williams, is this: two generations – the dial and the strap – tradition versus innovation, the austere elegance against the mini-skirt of Mary Quant, the bowler against long hair. Here comes a watch is classic and modern at the same time, which beats time to the rhythm of rock music from the 70s, that golden period where everything was possible, reversing the patterns in order to create a new way of living, of dressing and listening to music.
Not the clock, as a habit, but the watch as a necklace, and a fun game of wrist. Two collections, one dedicated to women and designed specifically for the man, both travelling on the same wave length: a round dial and the old-fashion, classic and superior detail that is contrasted with the mastery of a strap, eclectic and outside the box, able to turn into a real accessory with interchangeable, colored cotton, soft leather or a steel bracelet.