Zancan made a Italy


Zancan jewellery is the result of the perfect combination of excellence and regular investments in modern technology. Carefully selected team of professionals closely monitors each stage of production, processing of precious metals and decoration with jewels. At the heart of the production lies a closed cycle.

Every future masterpiece from sketch to transfer to production passes through the hands of the Master himself. During the entire cycle, products are repeatedly checked for quality, only then leaving the factory. Inspiration of our professionals together with their highest skills is the secret of excellent quality of every Zancan creation. In all Zancan collections, attention is paid not only to the face of the jewellery, all components are perfectly finished on all sides. Zancan products are always 3D objects, perfect on all sides. A multitude of pieces compose unique jewels with mechanic movements created during the assembly.

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Zancan EHB034-N
Steel Bracelet man
Zancan EHC002
Men's Necklace
Zancan EXA013
Men's silver ring
Zancan EXA016R
Men's silver ring
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Zancan men's bracelet Insignia 925 collection | EXB754-L
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Inspired by the symbols that have always represented Zancan, the collection shines with its own light thanks to the sheen of silver and expertly set natural stones. Expressing ways of being that go beyond appearance to materialize in a modern and essential style, without the need for ostentation. Silver bracelets, necklaces and rings enriched with rose gold details and natural stones. The decisive contrasts between the different silver workings, shiny or satin, and the play of light obtained from the brilliance of the black spinels, are created through scrupulous manual work by master goldsmiths.